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A Tiny Forest for Potsdam!!!

Applied for last year - this year it starts! We plant a mini-forest according to the method of plant sociologist Akira Miyawaki and want to actively do something against the climate emergency! Small forests in urban areas also help to make our city more resilient to extreme weather events. The benefits of this planting method and Tiny Forests:

  • many shrub and tree species in a confined space increase the probability of survival of individual species
  • Noise and dust reduction
  • Local cooling
  • low maintenance - after 3 years it is left to its own devices
  • fast growth: about 1m/year
  • Support for native biodiversity
  • no artificial fertilizer necessary

It can be a trial and an opportunity where we want to gain experience and further strengthen the cooperation with the Parks Department and the City Council, build trust to convert more areas in the city center to Tiny Forests in the future and thus enhance them - exactly where they matter most!

Do you want to learn more and support us? Feel free to write us! ✉️


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