October 2022: Colorful planting of a parcel within a mono-pine forest in Brandenburg
October 2022: Creation of a permaculture park in Bosnia
Iceland 2022
March 2022: Support for Schöner Land e.V. in the establishment of a climate protection grove
November 2021: Gemeinsame Pflanzaktion mit der Gemeinde Michendorf
Citizen Budget 2021
Iceland - 29.05. - 05.06.2021: Establishment of a mixed forest with approx. 20.000 trees on 10 hectares.
October 2020: planting a mixed woodland in Wollin
Kagendorf in October 2020: Planting of 86 trees (mainly old fruit varieties).
Iceland in June 2020: establishment of a climate forest with 2500 seedlings of different tree species
Tree planting in the project 'Rio Mira' Portugal February 2020
Participation in reforestation action of the association 'Land und Mehr Projekt-Initiative' in Gömnigk on December 14, 2019.
Planting on the banks of the Nuthe in Saarmund in May 2019
Bike tour with tree planting action in cooperation with XR and FFF in August 2019 in Potsdam, Brandenburg and Krielow.
Practical measure for climate protection, tree planting in front of the Brandenburg State Parliament in Potsdam on June 21, 2019.
Since 2018 regular individual tree planting

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