Iceland - 29.05. - 05.06.2021: Establishment of a mixed forest with approx. 20.000 trees on 10 hectares.


At the end of May, a group of five flew to Hafnarsandur, Iceland, to plant about 20,000 trees and cuttings on a 10 ha site. To counteract the climate catastrophe and promote biodiversity, it is important to plant mixed forests. We planted poplar, willow, alder, sitka spruce, birch, Murray pine and rowan from the local tree nursery. Why do we fly several thousand kilometres to plant trees? We are asked this again and again. We would very much like to realise more reforestation projects in Germany/Brandenburg. Our motivation is great, but unfortunately it has been slowed down again and again in the past two years. Applying for funding is, as in any German authority, a feat of incredible proportions. Our applications so far have been rejected. Furthermore, we need areas where trees can be planted. In Germany, these are either hard to come by or too expensive. In Iceland, we were given a large area to plant without much effort. In contrast to Germany, there are huge unused areas that can be reforested. Since no fences have to be built around the planted areas in Iceland, you save a lot of money and work. Because it rains a lot and often in Iceland, the trees do not need to be watered. There is also no need to cut back weeds that are too tall, because the areas are hardly overgrown. 90 % of the planted trees will grow. In Germany, usually only 50-60% make it.


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