Iceland 2022


The WoodsUp team was in Iceland twice this year to plant a total of 45,000 trees. In spring, we again planted poplar, willow, alder, sitka spruce, birch, Murray pine and rowan from the local nursery in Hafnasandur. Then in September we replanted another 5000 trees. With this, we want to compensate for the loss from last year. The last winter was characterized by unusually strong storms and cold. This has been very hard on the young trees and several hundred have unfortunately not managed to grow. However, about 80% of the trees from 2021 have made it and we are looking forward to continuing the project in 2023. We would like to thank the Icelandic Forest Service, especially Hreinn Oskarson and Ellert Marisson, for their support and for making the area available free of charge.


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