October 2022: Creation of a permaculture park in Bosnia


We have supported Martin Ivicevic in establishing a permaculture park in Polje. In addition to the biological benefits of the park, this project also aims to raise awareness in the region about climate change and demonstrate in an exemplary way the value and benefits of having your own fruit trees. Martin says, 'As an artist, I wanted to make a statement in my hometown and show my fellow man that you can do something for nature with little resources and earn a side income on top of that.' The artist's wish is 'the more colorful the better'. Two hundred and forty fruit trees of different varieties were planted. Among them three different apple varieties, three pear varieties, three plum varieties, walnut, hazelnut as well as cherry varieties. In addition, about sixty other trees and shrubs were planted. Among others, red oak, ginkgo, birch, beech, fir and spruce. From the neighborhood we have received forty more seedlings as a gift. We would like to thank everyone who supported this project. The wonderful team that worked on site and all the good people who made this project possible with their donations. All nature and art enthusiasts are invited to come to Kreševo once a year to support the project, to exchange creative ideas and to get to know wild Bosnia together.


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