September 2023: Planting of a rubble fallow with diverse species


There are plenty of them in Brandenburg - the fallow land that is sparse, green and overgrown, but dries out year after year because it cannot hold water. If you dig a little, it quickly becomes clear why: after just 10-20 cm, you will find mainly rubble and old garbage. This is a hard place for trees to grow and yet it is just as important for storing more water, retaining humus and soil and rebuilding biodiversity. So we gave it a helping hand. In September, over 250 trees, shrubs and perennials were planted on a former highway ramp. WoodsUp e.V. was supported by, a campaign agency from Berlin, which was on hand with pickaxes, shovels, water canisters and lots of sweat as part of its team day. Since the initial planting, there have been many watering missions and gradually more plants have been added as part of social and educational planting and educational cooperations. This not only benefits the environment but also the social environment, schools and the community.


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