October 2023: Forest conversion from pine monoculture to climate-resilient mixed forest near Zossen


Jan Böhmermann even made his own show about the curse of pine monocultures. But we have them in abundance and must see to it that they are quickly converted into climate-resilient mixed forests. However, this doesn't work the way we often imagine, i.e. cutting everything down - tabula rasa - and then replanting. Very few young plants can withstand this well, it takes far too long and also drives soil erosion. It therefore makes sense to leave the pines, which have already grown tall but are thin and weakened, as a windbreak and shade provider and to plant the nursery of the future forest in their protection. We did this in October together with the Art+Com team as part of a team campaign in a wooded area near Zossen, which we had discovered through classified ads. Packed with young trees, cuttings and native seeds, we not only worked with spades to plant 1-3 year old young trees, but above all played squirrel and jay and buried thousands and thousands of different - and mostly self-collected - tree seeds, so that they will sprout lively in the coming year and thus create a new mixed forest in the coming years, when the pines slowly make way naturally. We are already looking forward to counting tree babies in the spring. If you have also bought, inherited or been given a piece of monoculture forest that you would like to reforest into a mixed forest, please contact us.


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